Interview with Paul Adrian Buyse - Collection 478

Index of Wheaton College archives, taped interviews (1949-): "...T2 ( 20 minutes). Serving as pastor of a church in Minnesota; Buyse and his wife's work with the North Arkansas Gospel Mission working with young people in the schools and in clubs; joining Africa Inland Mission, ca. 1949; deputation work to raise funds to go to Africa; lack of any orientation program before going to Africa; Buyse's background in optical work during high school and Bible school in Minnesota; working with the pygmies and their "owners" (Babila or Ababua tribe) in Biasiko, Congo; relations between pygmies and their overlords; obstacles to evangelism among the pygmies. T3 ( 63 minutes). Traveling through the forest; pygmy attitudes toward the forest; pygmy church leaders Noah Mungalah (?) and his son Balos Epaineto, African missionaries to the pygmies; their speaking abilities; presentations of the Christian gospel to the pygmy people; building a bridge at Biasiko; pygmy hanging bridges;.."

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