African hunter-gatherers

*Key Reference. Excerpt from "African Hunter-Gathererers: Survival, History and the Politics of Identity" by Richard B Lee, University of Toronto and Robert K. Hitchcock, University of Nebraska: "...Abstract: Given the continent’s ongoing crises, African hunter-gathgerers have been remarkably successful at surviving difficult times. They have faced war in Namibia, Angola, and the Congo, genocide in Rwanda, and economic difficulties almost everywhere else. Through the last three decades San, Pygmy, Hadza, Okiek, Mikea, and other foragers
have sought to maintain coherent societies and systems of meaning and identity in the face of great odds, at times aided by sympathetic outsiders. This paper will explore the challenges they have faced and their responses, while atempting to situate these diverse peoples within the broader historical and political currents of the Twentieth century...'

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